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WebTech's Hallmark Information

The WebTech's Hallmarks Award serves the World Wide Web with sites that follow family safe themes.

Before the Committee will name a site as a WebTech Hallmark Page, the site goes through two reviews. Both reviews are done by two different members of the WebTech's Hallmark Committee.


Before you submit your page for review make SURE of the following:

  • Your site does not have any broken links or broken images.
  • If you use frames, you must have an option on your site to use frames or not use them.
  • If there is a "What's New" type of section, it should have been updated within the past week. No pages should say, "under construction", or have construction graphics.

We will look at:

  • original content-meaning, the site is not just a compilation of links to other pages.
  • readability
  • use of HTML
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • VB
  • sounds, etc.

We will also take into account whether the site shows consideration for the viewer:

  • Time to download.
  • The text is readable.
  • The site has a theme or purpose (at least one) and follows through on it.


We will submit sites that we feel are qualified for the WebTech Hallmark Award. This award is for a site of excellence. If your site is not ready for the WebTech Hallmark Award, we will send a letter to the owner of the site with suggestions on how to make the site worthy.

Each site selected as a WebTech's Hallmark Page will be posted with a special description. Since it is your site, please provide: