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WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners

Congratulations to our December 1998
WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners!
Please stop by and visit their pages

December 1, 1998
Granny's Country Cottage A country themed site about the current holiday and everything near and dear to my heart.
Sharon's Page My site has a little bit of everything, I try to keep it interesting for everyone.
Welcome to the Miller's Family, freinds, community, music, Disney and more.
December 4, 1998
Electric Roots Online Genealogy A genealogy home page, Electric Roots is also the home of the Diggin' in Georgia Webring and the Electric Roots Award.
December 5, 1998
The April Mom's Guide Parenting page, with articles, tips and info on just being a parent!
Aunt Martha's Web Page about pets, nappa valley, and canada
December 6, 1998
Skinnymouse's House A fun place to have fun by playing games, making friends, & sending e-greetings. You can read some poetry & visit an adopted baby mouse room too!
December 7, 1998
Our Family history Genealogy results to date on family history research
December 8, 1998
Melissa's Home on the Web "On being a mother...", my pets, my school, and a new page on depression.
December 9, 1998
foxyred-n--sassyj home A collection of memorials to those lost and more.
Chicago Area Town Profiles Community overviews, plus comprehensive public school information, and listings for private schools, child care/preschool programs, and recreation/park district programs and facilities.
Kiwi Land - New Zealand My home town in Northland, New Zealand. A few things about my family. Community Leader Homesteader resource and help pages
Kristie's Place My site is centered around family and friends along with my many hobbies. It contains mostly original graphics, is easy to navigate and informative.
December 10, 1998
Broughton Family Tree Most intertesting and remarkable site.
Doug's Infinite Worlds I often find the need to share things such as experiences of life.
Deb's Place Personal experience on dealing with a child with ADHD and Epilepsy, Page dedicated to my mother, family and friends.
Rosalie's Home Page Family orientated site, lots of family pics, recipes, cross stitch, and more!
December 12, 1998
Perez Family Home Page About the perez family and pennsylvannia.
The Hollowell Generation Project Hollowell genealogy
December 15, 1998
Paul, Natalie, and Molly's Homepage A family site with webrings, awards and fonts galore.
An Encouraging Word This site has encouraging words pages.
December 21, 1998
Rogers Place Family,Hiking,motorcycles and Pictures
Log Cabin Stories A home full of wonderfull stories such as The Story of a Seed, Anita's Fishin' Story and more.
December 24, 1998
An Adoptee's Journey Describes the feelings of an male adult adoptee in the Adoption Triad & how that fits in one's Life Cycle.
DaBaby's WebBook We are expecting our first baby May 31, 1999 and are so excited that we decided to make our new baby its very first "baby book" right here on the web for friends and family to share!!
December 27, 1998
Whisper's Place My site is full of favorties. Topics on children, relationships, family and more.
Count on Crosstitch My site is about my hobby cross stitch and has links to related sites
December 28, 1998
Westies Downunder Information about westies in Australia. Includes family pics of our westies, breed standard and Australian Kennel Councils, tips on showing, history of the breed, and much more.
BamaLand This is a really nice site.


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