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WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners

Congratulations to our September 1998
WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners!
Please stop by and visit their pages

September 3rd, 1998
All-Laws Home Page Elderly Abuse. Parenting Tips, Children Stories,Elderly Frauds.
Freemotion Quilting & Graphics You will find information on stipple quilting and also many free graphics and bordersets that I have started creating.
Foxy's Place A site about me and my family..lots of neat links and things to do
September 4th, 1998
Kayhh's Radical Opinions A birthmother's story of loss and reunion. Many adoption links, adoption bulletin board, on line adoption support, and much more
Eva's Little Abode Crafts, doll collecting, quilt patterns, recipes, China Painting.
Grace's Comfort Corner My site is a place that I share my love for my son, family, cats, quilting and sewing machines on the web.
September 6th, 1998
Carrie's Humble Home My site is about my family, my flower and rock gardens, backyard pond tour, original stories and poetry. Soon to have a small graphic section.
September 9th, 1998
Simply Serino! Meet the Serino Family of Sherwood, Oregon and browse through great Oregon links, family and vacation photos and news about what's happening.
September 12th, 1998
Gramma and Grampa's House in Cyberspace It offers support for the "whole" family. If you try really hard you can almost hear the kids playing, and the choir singing. Or you can smell the coffee brewing or taste the apple pie.
Jen's Page Good old fashioned Texas FUN! Graphics and more (o=
Colonial Crossroads Genealogical Home Page Genealogical resource for the novice. Information and advice to the new genealogist
The Deep End We have lots of web page graphics, wavs, and several of my sermons. We just try to have fun with out page while still honoring our Lord
Joni's Junction Hi! My page is about My Family, ECE Resources and My Classroom.
Clea's Corner This site was originally created for my daughter, but I became addicted to adding new things and moving things around. There are pictures and links to fun places - all the comforts of home :)
September 13th, 1998
Nanci's Homepage My site is about myself, my family, and interests. I have games to, rings to surf and lots of other interesting things to do and see.
September 15th, 1998
Gelderland Rottweilers These pages are full of info and photo's of The Top Show winning Rottweilers of Western Australia and my two legged family :o)
September 16th, 1998
Viki's House My page is a tribute to my mom who has Alzheimer's Disease, it includes AD resources and a timeline of her disease. I also have a garden and an herbs page.
Tykie's Second Home My site is about my family and things we like to do. I also have a page about breast cancer which I talk about my mom having this disease.
Ontario Family Homepage This is a family homepage with some really great links as well as beautiful graphics.
Genealogy Roots A Genealogy page featuring families of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Starwolfe's Home A site with information on picking out a cat, a cat contest, and pictures of cats. A must see for cat lovers!
Willow and Tammy's Homepage The reader becomes completely involved with the hamsters, Willow and Tammy!
September 18th, 1998
All around the farm My site is dedicated to my animals and friends. Is packed full of info, pics, Stories, Poetry, Art etc
Tommy's Room Kelly has devoted her time to keeping us posted on her son's growth as well as current events and her projects.
September 19th, 1998
Disney's Home Page A site about Disney, a loving beagle.
The Nirenberg Family's Homepage The Nirenberg family, our hobbies, our family photo album, Jewish holidays and more.
September 20th, 1998
Household Hints Useful household hints
Ishi-Boo & Pooh's Page Ishi-Boo and Pooh are two chihuahua's that have their own space to show off their friends (and themselves!)
September 30th, 1998
Dreams & Wishes by Nancy From recipes to pen pals, child abuse to sayings to make you laugh.
Nagler's Dobermans My site is all about my Dobermans as well as their show career


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