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WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners

Congratulations to our July 1999
WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners!
Please stop by and visit their pages

July 7, 1999
Ladyindy's Missing Children and More This site is to help find missing children and reunite the families. There is also poetry.
Carol's Place She tells about her family, displays her beautiful art work, has recipes, a christmas page and more.
July 10, 1999
TexasPepper's Home Page Family-rated personal home page with stories and pix of my cats, my children, vegetarian recipes, Texas pix, humor and more
Angelic Genealogy My site is basically all genealogy. I have put my heart into the site making most of the graphics on it and I am proud of it!
Barry and Trish Announce Their Engagement! A fantastic page evolving love roamance and finally marriage by a internet connection
July 11, 1999
Gina's & Joe's Geneology Junction Site A fantastic geneology site fantastic graphics well organized site
All For One Family Page complete with a layout of home to include the family kitchen and receipes to the backyard and Gardening
PatriciaV Family Spot and Parenting Resources Information on myself, my family, homepage help, and parenting information. The Heartland Parenting Center is located here that offers parents wonderful information
Mimi Eddys Homepage This is an eclectic site with a lot of little odds and ends.
Susan's Genealogy Site and more Genealogy, free webpage graphics, old photo's in pootos from grandma's trunk.
Twink's Turf Friendship,Hometown, Birthday, Prayer, Parasailing,Poetry,Pets Music Genealogy and more!
ChasseyBear's Place A children's story site with several fairy tales that I wrote myself.
July 20, 1999
Revivalist Reflections of God's Grace
Shawna's Woods A family homepage featuring: recipes, stories of inspiration, our fight with cancer and more!
Kat's Kingdom Pages about Adelaide and South Australia where I live, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and me.
The Greer School Home Page Designed to attract former students and staff
Linda's Loft A home page about her British heritage, and a love of poetry, lake applets, and internet friends.
First Baptist Church of Vineland, NJ Our site contains church/affiliation (American Baptist) information, pastoral messages, Christian links, Christian search engines & resources. The site is continually updated.
July 22, 1999
My Tribute to Truckdrivers Tribute to truck drivers everywhere.
July 24, 1999
Charlotte's Genealogy Page Raymond and Charlotte Ramsey's genealogy and of the cousins that have found the page on the net.
The Fly'N Ryan Homepage A memorial site dedicated to Ryan Saberon who died at 8 years old of Cancer. His message lives on with his family and friends who miss him greatly.
July 25, 1999
Amanda's Horsey Page This is my equine homepage, offering info, pictures, a quiz, and more.
July 28, 1999
The Cookie Jar Collection Pictures of my figural cookie jars, along with some good cookie recipes, for the viewing pleasure of other cookie jar collectors


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