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WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners

Congratulations to our October 1999
WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners!
Please stop by and visit their pages

October 5, 1999
Debbie's World Stunning site and layout. This page contains uplifting poems and content of Christianity for its visitors. Graphics are displayed for use on personal homepages, very creative.
Maggies lil' bit of Heaven A site about breast cancer which highlights the author's family and friends, very beautifully done.
Katyandgang Family, sports, cars, animals, child rearing.
October 6, 1999
Joann's Home Away From Home My page is about my faimly,my pets and my hobbies.I have just started on it and I continue to add more to it each day.
October 11, 1999
My Grandmas & Grandpas Genealogy.
Hell's Half Acre The Hell's Half Acres site contains "In Loving Memory", the online memorial, information about my family, "Mend Our Broken Wings", and much more.
October 12, 1999
Dragonlady's Military Wife Page My site was begun as a help page for new military wives. It has grown to include books, asthma, polydactyly, budget saver tips, family photos, poetry, homeschooling and more.
October 13, 1999
The Benzler Family Home Page Family Pet Photos A real live midi karaoke. Just plain fun.
Christina's Cottage My site is full of lots of things. It includes my cats, my friends, my CL duties, my interest in crafts and things!
October 20, 1999
The SparrowHawks' Nest A little about internet relationships, my testimony, internet wedding pictures, views of Mt. Rainier, Bible Gateway, MIA/POW page,some animations and more...
October 22, 1999
Nag's Place A homepage dedicated to family, friends, and love.
Swycaffer Faimily Album Swycaffers past, present, and future. Lots of family history, what we're doing and caring about now - and Peg's special interest, camels!
October 25, 1999
Country Spice Very family friendly site with a country theme. I have a bit about myself, causes that I believe in, my lake applets, and a page devoted to try and stop hatred in this world.
Tancy's Treasures A heart warming site that covers things that are dear to me, such as The Adoption of My Daughter, Angels I've Known, My Southern Roots, My Travels, and Skool Daze-A Look at Life in An Elementary School.
The Abidog Family A glimpse into the lives of the Abidogs, a first-generation Filipino-American family. Includes Filipino cuisine recipes, psychological quizzes, Christian sermons, gardening tips, autobiographies, and a photo album
October 26, 1999
TryaRed1 My site contains my personal experience with cancer as well as resources and links to more information. It also deals with child abuse and family related issues.
October 29, 1999
Welcome To Our Home Page Family,Friends, and Hobbies. A fun and kids safe site.


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