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WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners

Congratulations to our March 2000
WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners!
Please stop by and visit their pages.

March 4, 2000
My Special World My site offers a liitle look into my life and those I care about, along with information on photography, helpful links, and a special thought for the day. I'll soon be adding an html and geocities help page as part of being a CL...
Tommy And Pat's Home My web site is about family, and I also have some recipe pages. I have a page showing my husband and son with their deer.
Norma's Place Site features beautiful graphics and applets. Has interesting content on Native Americans and the Cherokee. Also has religious content, angels and poems.
Gwen's and Tog's Cookie Jars A Cookie Jar Collections and story of collecting with a interesting link to other collectors and how to collect cookie jars.......
March 6, 2000
Kathy's Homepage My site is about family,family photo's.A place to show off my Grandson Dakota.
March 8, 2000
Tavis Newman's Home Page Site revolves around Tavis's work, resume, and impressive page about his volunteer work in Honduras. He also has some interesting recipes.
March 9, 2000
Ryan's Playpen Hi! I was born on 3/3/99. Check out my site to find out all about me and watch me grow up!!!!
Love and Kissies A site of romance, friendship, music and pages to send to friends.
March 10, 2000
Eternity's Little Pieces of Heaven Angels, family, Louisiana
March 15, 2000
Deep In the Heart of Texas A family site filled with humor about the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Shults. Also, a little about Texas and small town living.
The Riders Homepage Pages about My family, myself, and interests. Also a Help Page.
Mom's Unlimited This site is geared toward the single mother and boasts a variety of content from tips, stories, cards, support group, and much,much, more. Be prepared to vascilate between tears and laughter. A must see!
March 18, 2000
NobiaD's Page This site features pictures of my family, our favorite links, and a link to my diet journal.
March 23, 2000
Beckie's Spot This is my little world. It tells you about my family in the adoption trade. Also I talk about infertility and miscarriges. But the main point is my family and friends.
Gail's Summer Breeze I have added Graphics, songs & poems to some of my pages. I have tried to add things that all ages will enjoy.
March 31, 2000
Bitsy's Kitchen Hundreds of recipes, cooking tips and emergence substitutions.


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