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WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners

Congratulations to our June 2002
WebTech's Hallmark Websites Award Winners!
Please stop by and visit their pages.

June 2, 2002
Southgirl's St. Patty's Day St. Patricks website full of Proverbs, Toast, and lots of information about the Holiday and where it started, very informative information.
Parents 4 Child Support Enforcement Support group for custodial parents not receiving child support. Parents and children fight to receive what is rightfully theirs. Financially, morally..
Mt. Olive Township FOP Official homesite of the Mt. Olive Township FOP. Lots of great pages for Children and Parents, and midi pages.
The Widow's Tea My site started as a way for me to combine my need for creativity and my passion for collecting recipes and cookbooks. I originally did my site with publisher. Then, became hooked and did a crash course and taught myself HTML. My sight features some of my families favorite recipes.


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